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For the purpose of providing an organization through which a selected group of prominent young men in the community may associate in cordial social relationship for the entertainment and pleasure to their mutual benefit and prestige, THE TOWN CLUB OF SAN ANTONIO has been formed.

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The Town Club of San Antonio is a club that is rich with history. In 1945 several of San Antonio’s finest war heroes returned from combat in WWII. Some of these proud young men were not eligible to join other Bexar County social organizations due to their age and marital status.
In 1949 a few of these men; W.C. Lagerquist, Raymond Weber, John R. Shaw, Franklin Law, John Thomas Steen, William A. Beinhorn Jr., Walter Corrigan, Roger C. Hill along with some others decided to get together and start an organization of their own.
In the early days, the dues were $10 per year. Several days before a party, the group would get together and make decorations and the other preparations. The Town Club social schedule consisted of 4 parties throughout the year. The Fiesta Party, a summer picnic in Bandera, a fall party at either the San Antonio Country Club or St. Anthony Hotel and the biggest of all, a New Year’s Eve dance on the roof of the Hilton.
At some point, The Town Club got together with the German Club and Order of the Alamo in order to bring in a “Big Name Band” and share the expense. This may have helped in breaking down the barrier between the clubs, as many of its members enjoy the various clubs. The Town Club still maintains a diverse membership, which adds to the uniqueness of the Club.
Over the years The Town Club has grown to over 400 members. The parties generally consist of: The Fiesta Party, an End of Summer Party, the Steve Buffkin Memorial Stag Skeet Shoot, a New Member Luncheon and a Christmas Party along a few other mixers during the calendar year.

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