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Announcement of 2020 New Members


September 20, 2020

By vote of the Board of Directors, at the validly held Fall Town Club Board meeting, on the 16th day of September, the following individuals have been selected and approved as new Members of the Town Club of San Antonio.

Josh Allen

Jason Adkison

Phillip T. Baker

Gerald C. Barnes, Jr.

Kyle Davidson

Tom Emerson

Matthew Fine

Chris Guido

Chris Hagee

Jeffery Franklin Hetrick

Dave Johnson

Michael Johnson

Bobby Jones

Clark Michael Kardys

Wes Kimball

G. Lane Naugher

Sean Walsh O'Neill

David Michael Peveto

Stephen F. Ramirez

Clinton Ray

Patrick Rouse

Sterling Schulze

Erik Stupka

Frank Wagner

Robert Welch

Tom Wensinger

Jeremy Williams

Rob Wingo


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